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ORM Profiler v1.1 beta released!

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# Posted on: 14-May-2012 12:14:35.  
Update 15-may-2012: We forgot to pack 3 dlls into the .zip, which cause a problem when opening the realtime view. Please re-download the beta if you run into this. Sorry for this inconvenience. Embarrassed

Please download the v1.1 beta from the customer area, v1.0 -> betas section. ORM Profiler v1.1 is a free upgrade for v1.0 licensees.

Features implemented in v1.1:

Real time profiling
A real time viewer (RTV) has been added, which gives insight in the activity as it is received by the client. This RTV allows the user to directly record to a snapshot using record buttons, pause the view, mark a range to create a snapshot from that range, and view graphs about the # of connection open actions and # of commands per second.

The RTV has a 'range' in which it keeps live data and auto-cleans data that's older than this range.

Updated Home tab
The real-time viewer is now accessible directly from the home tab. The home tab has also received new buttons.

Low-level activity tab
A new tab has been added to the Application tabs: the Low-level activity tab. This tab shows the main activity as it has been received over the named pipe. It can help to get insight in the chronological activity without the grouping over connections, so multiple connections at the same time per thread are easier to spot. Clicking a command will sync the rest of the application tabs, clicking a row will show the details below the splitter bar,
as it is done with the other application tabs as well.

Default application name in interceptor
When an empty string or null is passed for application name to the Initialize method of the interceptor, the AppDomain's friendly name is used instead.

Copy call stack to clipboard
A call stack viewed in a grid in various parts of the UI is now copyable to the clipboard by clicking a button.

Enable/Disable interceptor from the config file
It's now possible to enable/disable the interceptor Initialization from the application's config file, using:
    <add key="ORMProfilerEnabled" value="true"/>

if value is true, the interceptor's Initialize method will proceed. If the value is false, the interceptor's Initialize method will not proceed and initialization won't be performed, meaning no interception will take place. If the setting is absent, or misconfigured, the Initialize method will proceed as normal and perform the initialization.

Stored procedure calls for select databases are now properly displayed as a call
For the databases: SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase ASA, Sybase ASE and Informix a stored procedure call is displayed as an execute/call statement and copy to clipboard works as-is.

Please provide feedback in the beta forum:
Frans Bouma
ORM Profiler / LLBLGen Pro Lead Developer | Blog | Twitter
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