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Unable to Profile .NET 3.5 Class Library from .NET 4.5 website

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14-May-2014 22:54:03
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# Posted on: 14-May-2014 23:03:41.  
I have an asp.net mvc site using .NET 4.5 that references a class library compiled against .NET 3.5 where all my business logic and database calls reside. When I add the Interceptor.dll to the web project, nothing displays in the real time view. If I add the Interceptor.NET45.dll to the web project, only calls that are made within the code of the web project display in the real time view on the client.

Is there a way to profile just the .NET 3.5 code?
ORM Profiler Team

The Hague, The Netherlands
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22-Aug-2011 10:26:38
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# Posted on: 15-May-2014 09:40:38.  
the application using the 3.5 code is leading, so if that's a .net 4.5 app and uses async, you need the .net 4.5 interceptor as there the async methods are intercepted.

If you don't use .net 4.5 async stuff, you can use whatever interceptor you want. The thing to remember though is: if you use entity framework, you have to use the right interceptor for entity framework. (you don't say what data-access framework you use).

Also be sure to place the interceptor init call at the very first step of your application, e.g. in the global.asax or if that doesn't work, try to place it in the first page's code behind that's opened. The key is to have the init call before any static constructors run on the orm framework used.

Frans Bouma
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