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New build posted (build 08292011)

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ORM Profiler Team

The Hague, The Netherlands
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22-Aug-2011 10:26:38
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# Posted on: 29-Aug-2011 17:45:02.  
New build posted. Download url: http://www.ormprofiler.com/files/ORMProfiler_Beta_20110829.zip


August 29th, 2011
•    Some grid controls stole the shortcut keypresses of the general menu system.
•    Entity Framework / Linq to Sql queries could lead to an error when obtaining a query execution plan due to wrongly stripped CRLF characters
•    Sql Server execution plan retrieval queries which used the specific types ntext/text/image types, were using parameters of these types, which isn't allowed by SQL Server. Substitute types are used instead which allow the retrieval of the query plan.
•    When on SQL Server a connection string was used with 'Integrated security=<bool>', the OleDb provider threw an error as it requires the security provider to be specified (SSPI). The profiler now strips out 'integrated security=false' and replaced 'true' in 'integrated security=true' with 'sspi', using case-insensitive checks.
•    There was no wrapper property implemented for the Oracle ODP.NET specific property InitialLONGFetchSize in ProfilerDbCommand. We also added a wrapper for InitialLOBFetchSize.

•    RecorderControl dialog is no longer visible in the task bar. Clicking the profiler icon in the taskbar will bring up the dialog, so this was overkill.

NOTE The zip contains the files without a wrapper folder. So unpack the zip in a the destination folder you want the files to store.
Frans Bouma
ORM Profiler / LLBLGen Pro Lead Developer | Blog | Twitter
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