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New build posted (Build 09012011)

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ORM Profiler Team

The Hague, The Netherlands
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# Posted on: 01-Sep-2011 17:09:51.  
New build posted. Download url: http://www.ormprofiler.com/files/ORMProfiler_Beta_20110901.zip


September 1st, 2011
•    ODP.NET specific properties weren't reflected properly.
•    When the call stack was very deep, the icons of the call stack were visible in the white background using columns of the Queries in context window. As this is an issue with the XtraTreeList control of DevExpress we use a workaround by setting the background to white.
•    A snapshot which was loaded / created wasn't unloaded when the snapshot tab was closed, which could lead to memory problems along the way.
•    Load snapshot dialog had 'Save Snapshot' as dialog title.
•    When DisableMessageSending() was called, the interceptor's connect thread still attempted to connect to the named pipe, which caused 100% cpu usage during that period due to the fact the .NET framework's NamedPipeClientStream.Connect(int) method uses a tight loop to connect to the named pipe over and over again.
•    Messages were still queued up even when there was no connection to a named pipe (as no listener was present). Messages are now kept for 5 seconds after interceptor start before they're dropped if no connection is present when the message send thread attempts to send the current message queue. This avoids a memory leak in the profiled application when no client is listening to the named pipe.
•    Due to the tight loop in NamedPipeClientStream.Connect, we lowed the time-out period to 50ms, as always at least one attempt is made to connect to the named pipe during the call to Connect
•    When NamedPipeClientStream.Connect failed because no listener was active and no named pipe was present, the timeout exception thrown by NamedPipeClientStream.Connect was unhandled.

•    Filter for website related invoke paths for shorter call stacks
•    Better visibility of elements exceptions in the viewers, using a specific icon in the alert column.
•    Parameters which caused a Parameter size fluctuation alert are now mentioned in the alert message.

•    Switched off ParameterSizeFluctuationAlert analysis by default, as it's an alert which is only important in some cases

NOTE The zip contains the files without a wrapper folder. So unpack the zip in a the destination folder you want the files to store.
Frans Bouma
ORM Profiler / LLBLGen Pro Lead Developer | Blog | Twitter
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