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New build posted (Build 09072011)

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# Posted on: 07-Sep-2011 15:35:56.  
New build posted. Download url: http://www.ormprofiler.com/files/ORMProfiler_Beta_20110907.zip

September 7th, 2011

•    When a new snapshot was saved, the statusbar wasn't updated and would still show a message that the snapshot hasn't been saved.
•    When a connection was enlisted in a distributed transaction, it's now marked as such and commands executed over this connection are seen as being inside a transaction. Alerts testing for transactions are taking this into account.
•    With some snapshots, the Queries in Context view didn't place the data columns on the right side of the treelist.
•    Entity Framework queries were still having the TAB and CRLF characters in the queries displayed in 'Queries, grouped'.
•    Entity Framework v4.0 and higher sometimes specified -1 for string paramater size, which caused a problem with obtaining an execution plan.
•    Due to an issue in SqlParameter, it could be byte parameters would cause a parameter size fluctuation alert, although the size was correctly set by the used Data-access code. The analysis for this alert has been adjusted to only take parameters into account which can actually have fluctuating sizes, e.g. strings and binary arrays.
•    When the profiled application ended right after the code to be profiled was executed, it could be not all messages were sent as the appdomain was already killed and the event we bound to (DomainUnload) isn't raised on default domains. The interceptor now flushes all messages on process exit as well.

•    Further tweaked the named pipe client connection thread due to the CPU usage caused by the .NET framework call. It now tries for 5 seconds with a delay specified of 1ms and a 1second delay between attempts, then drops to 2 second delay between attempts.

•    When a connection was enlisted in a distributed transaction or lightweight transaction governed by System.Transactions' classes, it's now visually showing this in the connection details pane and in the chronological overview of connections, also whether the distributed transaction was escalated or not.

NOTE The zip contains the files without a wrapper folder. So unpack the zip in a the destination folder you want the files to store.
Frans Bouma
ORM Profiler / LLBLGen Pro Lead Developer | Blog | Twitter
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