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New build posted (Build 09212011)

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ORM Profiler Team

The Hague, The Netherlands
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# Posted on: 21-Sep-2011 15:54:19.  
New build posted. Download url: http://www.ormprofiler.com/files/ORMProfiler_Beta_20110921.zip

September 21st, 2011
•    When a query with a parameter with the type DateTimeOffset or DateTime2 was used, obtaining the query plan using OleDb failed due to a limitation in OleDb, which doesn't support these two types.
•    In an edge case, it could be values in the grids were integers, not doubles, which could cause a problem with the time update methods, causing an exception.

•    The profiling control dialog now reflects whether data was received or not in the current state text box. This should give better feedback whether things are going as planned or something is wrong.
•    Progress indicator for filtering & analysis on a snapshot. This should give better indication on large snapshots how much progress is made so far and how much time is still left.
•    Newer build of the SQL Parser which can now handle much bigger queries without diving into an infinite loop: query parsing has been re-enabled for queries > 10KB.
•    MassiveSQLStatement analysis. The default threshold is 4KB, if a SQL statement exceeds this threshold, it gets an alert, which can be an indication the query was expensive to create. As this is a new analysis function, its threshold isn't initialized properly when you load an existing snapshot. New snapshots have the default threshold set to 4KB.
•    Full documentation in .chm format.

•    The analysis settings' property 'DMLWithoutTransactionEnabled' was renamed to 'DMLWithoutTransactionAnalysisEnabled', which means when you load an existing snapshot, this analysis setting is disabled even if you enabled it when you saved the snapshot. It's enabled by default in new snapshots. This change was necessary before RTM.

The documentation is in the 'Documentation' folder, and it's not 100% complete, a workaround for Entity framework has yet to be documented.

NOTE The zip contains the files without a wrapper folder. So unpack the zip in a the destination folder you want the files to store.
Frans Bouma
ORM Profiler / LLBLGen Pro Lead Developer | Blog | Twitter
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